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Voluntas is an major International Belarusian and British NGO with a wide remit of  activities.  These range from a nationwide programme for the deinstitutionalisation of social orphans and disabled children to a successful campaign for the destruction of Belarus’ stockpiles of surplus small arms and light weapons.  The underlying philosophy of Voluntas is encapsulated in its motto, Helping people to help themselves.  Every activity of Voluntas is predicated on this principle.  While we initiate we seek to create leadership in local communities and interest groups by providing the tools, training and materials needed to make each project we undertake ultimately self-sustaining.

A key to this approach is partnership.  We always seek partners, domestically, regionally and internationally to share experience, expertise and vision.  This has been especially true in our work with children with profound multiple learning disabilities and their families.  The model which we use, and which is now accepted as the primary form of early intervention for children with profound multiple learning disabilities is the result of cooperation between ourselves, parent groups, the Belarusian government, the UK Department for International Development, the Red Cross and healthcare professionals throughout East Europe.  Cooperation flows both ways and Voluntas now provides training and support for other working in this area  throughout east and central Europe.

With over ten years of experience in large  and small scale projects in a wide range of areas and a volunteer network of over 200 individuals in Belarus we can assist you as an active partner in your projects.  Please click here to learn more.

Company Profile

Voluntas, based in Great Britain, began its activities in East Europe in 1996.  From the outset Voluntas was engaged in both research and the provision of humanitarian aid and care.  The  Executive Director of Voluntas moved to Belarus in 1998  in order to accelerate programme development.  As you will see from this website the range of activities has expanded exponentially.  To give but two examples Voluntas has distributed over 10,000 pairs of prescription eyeglasses and has been able to supply hearing aids to children and the elderly across Belarus.  Voluntas has provided training in early intervention in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and we are expanding our activities into the Baltics  We are always eager for new ideas and pleased to help other individuals and organisations implement theirs.  We believe firmly in cooperation with all groups which share our goals and values.


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