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Heritage and Commemoration: During the Soviet-Era many locations of historic, national, ethnic and religious importance and neglected or, as in the case of cemeteries, abused.  Voluntas together with several of its partner organisations identifies preserves and restores these sites.   In this process we involve the local population, especially schoolchildren, in the restoration process so that their history become part of their present.  Typically we also have the assistance of  university students and organisations who have been recruited into this programme; in the past we have been joined, by Dartmouth College and Siena College amongst others. We have restored over 10 cemeteries in Belarus, conceived and designed the Museum of Jewish Resistance in Novogrudok, are presently building a Museum of Nineteenth Century Rural Life in Rubezhevichi and monitor potential and actual destructive activities towards these sites.  We also have programmes to erect monuments on the locations of massacres which took place during the Second World War.  Voluntas is continually listing new sites and will be happy to assist others who share these concerns.

If you would like further information about this programme or have any suggestions or questions please email us at   heritage@voluntas.orgWe look forward to hearing from you. 

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